Surprisingly, most leaders and organizations don’t understand the difference between a vision and a purpose, (or mission or goal). As a result, most leaders are actually little more than managers – calling yourself a leader, having a title, does not a leader make. 

If you don’t know where you are going and what you’re really about as a leader, if you don’t have a vivid idea what your destination actually looks like, there’s little chance you’re actually leading and even less chance you’ll succeed. We help leaders truly lead. And we can help you create a powerful new world for your organization – not only the vision, but the actual reality. That’s what we do!  

Do you know where YOU are headed as a leader, as a man or woman? Transformational leadership challenges you to come to terms with your true destiny, your true promise, and your true potential for leadership and life success. At OSI we not only change and develop organizations. We change people’s lives!


OSI employs a leadership technology (a distinct version of Transformational Leadership) that affords dramatic growth/development as individual leaders and as a team of leaders. And while our unique methodology is surely demanding, it promises measurable results – both in terms of explosive monetary success and in terms of deep, personal satisfaction. And when it is fully embraced, it absolutely runs circles around all other approaches to leadership. Guaranteed.